July 12 to August 7, 2020

EXHIBITION — Élévations/Mouvements
Group show with Alix Delmas, Ange Leccia, Badr El Hammami, Carole Fékété, Golnâz Payani, Mona Najafizadeh et Mali Arun
Born from the encounter between Casa Conti – Ange Leccia and Ana D.’s collection, Elevations/Movments is a carte blanche proposed by Corinne Domer to Mélissa Epaminondi, an architect and artist from Oletta. Ana D.’s collection corresponds to a series of videos that offer a privileged place to architecture and urbanism as well as to the problems of man in relation to his environment.
Rather than a frontal critique of our forms of “living”, this exhibition proposes a wandering punctuated by images of almost ghostly architecture. Invisible and elusive, the ghost is this fleeting appearance, stretched between presence and absence, which here becomes an elevation, this graphic representation of the facade plan of buildings.

Élévations/Mouvements thus slides from the haunting scrolling of the skyline dominated by the Twin Towers in Ange Leccia’s film to the spectre of dust that one imagines emanating from the sheets shaken by a man at the window of a large ensemble in Alix Delmas’ video. The games of mirrors shaken by students of the old school of Badr El Hammami respond to Carole Fékété’s slow travelling shot revealing the barracks on the beach of Sangatte Blériot as so many dark rooms. In order to open up the territories even more, this dialogue also makes it possible to cross the intimate story of Golnaz Payani and Mona Najafizadeh, where one learns to live in Iran in the midst of the memory of the deceased, with that of Mali Arun who has gone to China in search of his grandmother’s world, on whose traces new foundations are being built.
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Ange Leccia, Villa Médicis, 1982, en boucle. Courtesy galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris
Alix Delmas, DUST, vidéo HD, 2015, 5'30''
Badr el Hammami, Mémoire #2, 2012, vidéo noir et blanc, muette, 6’
Carole Fékété, Les baraques-plages (Sangatte 2013), 2013, vidéo N&B, 14’35’’
Golnaz Payani et Mona Najafizadeh, Jardin baigné de grappes, 2013, documentaire-fiction, Téhéran, 22’38’’
Mali Arun, Déplacés, 2011, vidéo, 18’
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