Alix Delmas
Alix Delmas is a versatile, even protean artist, fundamentally experimental. The installations, photographs and videos she creates combine performance and sculpture, painting and light. Her vision disturbs our common perception of interior and exterior sites.
“From the very beginning, at the end of the 1990s, Alix Delmas’ plastic work was distinguished by what was to become a major topicality, a recurrent, obsessive aspect:
to displace bodies and landscapes – her own, those of her models plus ours, the viewers (-trices), by analogy – by positioning them in unexpected ways. Her work, in this case, confronts us with a common space, which we share with the artist. Space apprehended from another angle of perception and sensation, space made poetic for some, space deconstructed for others, in all cases enriched.” ” Paul Ardenne, extract from Corps et milieux repositionnés, in “Alix Delmas, captures”, 2019, editions LOCO