APRIL 6 TO MAY 4, 2019

Group show with Ange Leccia, Marianna Simnett, Newsha Tavakolian, Marie Voignier and Yuyan Wang

In 1982, Ange Leccia filmed an opera broadcast on television featuring La Callas. Instead of keeping the entire performance, he chose to show only the moments when the singer was not singing. These short moments of breathing and concentration translate the inner emotion of the artist. The refilming creates a halo around the female figure, like the expression of a powerful aura, “a unique appearance of a distant, if close,” to quote the German philosopher Walter Benjamin. The exhibition Sans Voix (Voiceless) thus starts from this work of Leccia to develop a reflection around this body through its absence. From the censorship of Iranian singers evoked by Newsha Tavakolian to the propaganda speeches of the guides of North Korea concealed by Marie Voignier, the withdrawal of the voice allows artists to point out anti-democratic political situations. Yuyan Wang is interested in karaoke and changes the images of syrupy clips for those of robotic surgeries in order to show the multiplication in our lives of technical or psychic prostheses. This return of negativity is also sensitive in Marianna Simnett who had Botox injected in her vocal cords to better tell us a strange fable where reason is deeply shaken. Thus, the voice shows in hollow a world in prey to multiple tensions which continues to fascinate us.
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Newsha Tavakolian, Listen, 2011, série vidéo
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