Group show with Aurélien Froment, Ange Leccia, Laida Lertxundi, Angelica Mesiti and Julien Perez

Who hasn’t hummed without thinking about it one of those hits that the radio broadcasts non-stop? Who hasn’t suddenly remembered a moment in his or her life when listening to a melody? Who hasn’t played a song over and over like an obsession that can’t be stopped? Obviously, music crosses our life and gives it its rhythm, it invites us as well to the playful release as to the introspection. Commercial and confidential, traditional and hyper contemporary, music is a vibration that gives flesh to our affects and intensifies our experience.
Through a few examples, the exhibition Playlist proposes to show and hear how music accompanies us and how it activates our presence in the world from a sentimental point of view. Focusing more particularly on pop songs, the aim is to sketch a cartography of these emotions nourished by the songs to which the artists are sensitive insofar as they are a true form of representation, both mental and sensitive.
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Aurélien Froment, Non alignés, 2016, vidéo projection HD, 6’ 28’’.
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