Following its first residency, Casa Conti – Ange Leccia is pleased to present an exhibition of Anne-Charlotte Finel. As a video artist, she works mostly with light equipment, offering the possibility of capturing scenes that are both banal and strange. Lights and animals become the main characters of her sequences which border on abstraction and sometimes open on the field of science fiction. Either deer on the outskirts of a city, or the brightness of Gerridae, they are all signs of a dystopian form that remain unknown. On the lookout, Anne-Charlotte Finel thus proposes a worried look at the world, a vibrant look that captures reality as something palpable, but difficult to define. During her residency in Corsica, she focused on a pig farm that she filmed as closely as possible, in a radical affirmation of detail, to combine their bestial part with an extreme humanity. In this way, Anne-Charlotte Finel continues her bestiary in order to present the change in our relationship with animals, sensitive beings to whom we are fully closed. In this attempt to get over with our anthropocentric position, the artist invites us to think of a universe with less marked borders, where orders merge – a call also to refuse the hieratic truths which are repeated to us.

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Vue de l’exposition personnelle d’Anne-Charlotte Finel, “Mouche” (27.11.2021 – 16-04.2022), Casa Conti – Ange Leccia, Oletta, Corse. Courtesy de l’artiste et de la galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris. Photo : Philippe Jambert

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