Barbara Carlotti

For the essential, Barbara Carlotti writes and composes. Songs, first of all, that she interprets (6 albums; Chansons; Les Lys Brisés; L’ Idéal; L’ Amour L’ argent Le vent; Magnétique; Corse, Ile d’amour) but also shows, radio broadcasts (Cosmic Fantaisie on France Inter) and even television (Le Cabaret Insolite on France 3 Corse), a film “Quatorze Ans” teenage musical-comedy produced by Ecce film in 2019. So many islands in the real between which a voice that seems to be water, alternately clear and troubled, lively or almost sleeping, totally hypnotic. A voice sometimes mixed, in duet, with those of Philippe Katerine, Dominique A, Bertrand Belin, Juliette Armanet, Izia, Bertrand Burgalat… A constellation of soul mates of French pop in which she radiates.