Alexandra Villani was born in 1992 in Ajaccio where she lives and works. Holder of the National Superior Diploma obtained from the School of Fine Arts of Toulon, she is a multidisciplinary artist who mixes instinctivity and construction in the interpretation, dexterity and improvisation. Her technique is developed from sensory experiences and intuitive correspondences between inert or animated, natural or manufactured materials. She is interested in the notion of maquis* as a sensitive territory of confrontations.
The maquis is a landscape endowed with a physical presence but also with a mental ramification allowing the proliferation of attitudes and sensitive forms.
From these confrontations and resistances is born a rich sensitive and plastic material that takes multiple forms: graphic, mechanical or even sound.
Her work has been presented at the Globe gallery in Toulon (2015), at the FRAC Corse in Corte (2017), or recently at the Espace Diamant in Ajaccio (2021).