Agnès Accorsi

Agnès Accorsi was born in 1967, she lives and works in Corsica. Whether it is with her videos, her paintings or other techniques, the artist’s creations transport the spectator into fascinating and enigmatic universes where emotions linked to childhood and femininity are mixed. Indeed Agnès Accorsi reproduces and turns over the idealized image of the woman such as it is often diffused and leads us in a dangerous game of seduction. Since the course of the glance in Oletta in 1993, her works are presented in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in various cultural institutions. In 2014, the Frac Corse devoted a monographic exhibition to him entitled “Corps et Décors”. This year, his work is also presented at the Arsenal in the Museum of Bastia as part of the exhibition “The Middle Islands” until September 25, 2021.